Proven 100 year old track record

Finnish maternity care is referred as “neuvola” a sort of real life Google for pregnant women and mothers – and fathers – with young children

Digitalizing this knowledge to a scalable, simple use ecosystem. Using our component based platform that can be profiled based what user experience is needed. Matching content to what is needed troughout customer studies and building ductile world wide knowledge database for preventive care which is easy-to-use for all end-users.

We are addressing WHO global strategy initiatives

Improve women’s health; delivering appropriate care, support and information to women and their families according to needs
Ensure a positive pregnancy experience and improve quality of care around childbirth; quality care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period
Contribute in health systems strengthening, for example through the education and training of midwives, nurses and other health professionals
Enhance countries’ technical capacity to address challenges


Value propotions is a digital maternity clinic provided with audiovisual content and secured connectivity
Based on Finnish maternity clinic heritage and knowledge - a world leading expertise

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