We are on a mission to fight for better global maternity health.

Hundreds of millions of mothers and fathers lack access to essential knowledge concerning pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and preventive care.

We aim to change this.
Background image represents the best of Finnish practice in maternity care and life skills education for young people.

Based on Finnish much appraised maternity care and health education approach, referred to as “neuvola”, a sort of Google for pregnant mothers and for fathers, help with young children and comprehensive knowledge package for young people.

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The Problem

Concerns Millions of Families.

Mortality, health and wellbeing of infants, children and mothers are key concerns for any nation's or society's future. Too many lives are still being lost in our time.


• A platform for the promotion of healthy practices.
• Application full of content to support women and their families according to their needs.
• Platform to access preventive care and digital healthcare; scalable, easy access to routine care and detection of problems requiring additional care.

Illustration of a baby

Every day

7 000

newborn babies die.

Illustration of a mom

Every day, over


mothers still die from pregnancy-related complications.

Illustration of a fetus

More than


of the newborns who died in 2017, died from preventable and treatable causes.

We aim to change this.