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Wednesday, 17 April 2024


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A practical platform with different user profiles and a component based design

Real-Time Data Via AI

The platform has been built to use artificial intelligence, neural network based machine learning to provide real-time data analytics to support decision making.


An AI-based Smartbot developed together with IBM is used as one of the means to communicate with the families.

Diverse Audiovisual Content

Diverse, easy-to-understand audiovisual content. Its function is to deepen the knowledge that AI Smartbot teaches. All library items are linked to our bot within relative context.

Distributed And Scalable

The platform backend and databases have been distributed across various service providers and datacenters in a way that allows for quick horizontal scaling.

Software Orchestrated Infrastructure

The server and network infrastructure deployment is fully automized using software orchestration allowing for a robust and safe software platform.

A Modular Microservices Architecture

The use of a modern distributed microservices architecture, and continuous integration and deployment workflow, allows for the development of the platform at an unprecedented speed without any downtime, and on a module by module basis.

Preview of The Smartbot

A quick sneak peek into the Smartbot, connecting families to the platform.

Voice Recognition

The Smartbot is able to understand speech via voice recognition.


Smartbot supports multiple languages using machine learning.


You can have a full conversation with the Smartbot as it can speak the responses.


The powerful deep learning backends keep improving and give out more specific answers based on usage data.

The Watson Assistant dialog of the Smartbot is done by intents.

Intents are purposes or goals that are expressed in the users input.
When making an intent, we give as many examples as possible that “leads” to that intent.
When making the dialog we choose exactly what the bot does or answers after it recognises a certain input.
Watson Assistant uses machine learning algorithms to match the users input to a correct Intent.
The better examples the assistant has, the better it will become.


The Platform

Advanced Statistics

Compare different time windows from collections together and get printable reports out from the platform.

Benefits & Social Impact

Gives a one-page view of the type of content, and gives an idea of where it can be used to have maximum impact.
Shows social impact based on defined parameters/measurements.

Population Trends

Gives one-page view of all data collected.
Show interest levels of content topics.
Shows growth rates on knowledge, intentions, and questions.

Predictive Modeling

The platform uses collected data to predict future happenings in all collections.
Will give predictions based on usage, intentions and knowledge levels.
Can predict usage levels, growth of influence and growth of knowledge.
Data-based recommendations and point of views on population growth areas and where allocated resources gain the most value.

Our platform is designed to be component based

The main functions are replicated and distributed for a reliable, fault-tolerant and accessible ecosystem.
The cloud platform allows all of the end-user content to be updated easily, and to be targeted to users based on their profiles.

Our platform is capable to translate our preventive care content automatically to over 100 languages using advanced artificial intelligence that's constantly learning.
To ensure the best possible accessibility, the users can listen to the content in their language. The speech is generated using deep generative model of raw audio waveforms, allowing for speech that which closely mimics a human voice and which sounds more natural than the best existing Text-to-Speech systems.

Privacy is one of our core values

All the information going trough the platform is secured using end-to-end encryption. No information is given to third parties without the users permission.

Based 100 years of Finnish maternal healthcare

The Finnish maternal healthcare - Neuvola - has been developed over the past 100 years.

It is one of the cornerstones of the development that has made Finland one of the wealthiest (and healthiest) societies in the world.

Our platform, a fully scalable and easy-to-use digital healthcare platform and maternity application provides the latest know-how of this system.

“We are not just making an app or a product, we are making the new standard for eHealth globally.”
— Toni Lähdekorpi
Chief Technology Officer